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Negean Afifi D.O. is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician in Southern California and a Clinical Instructor for the UCLA School of Medicine. She has a passion for wellness and nutrition, with an emphasis on self-care. Dr. Afifi completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. She is a certified yoga instructor and has had training in Yoga Science at the American Meditation Institute. Dr. Afifi maintains her personal balance by connecting with patients and loved ones, staying active and perpetually seeking the best vegetarian burrito in LA.
White Noise and Sleep | SELF Principle

Can a little noise help you sleep better?

You feel weightless as your body starts to relax, the mind quieting its incessant chatter; you are entering the sweet spot just before sleep overcomes you.  It’s so close you can feel it….until BANG, you...
Social media and Isolation | SELF Principle

Can social media increase well-being and reduce social isolation?

Whether we are standing in line at the grocery store or simply feeling bored, many of us have experienced that itch to check our Facebook or Instagram page.  Eagerness overcomes us as we check...
Social Relationships and Happiness | SELF Principle

Can Social Relationships be the key to aging, memory and happiness?

The bottom line:  Positive social relationships are associated with increased memory and happiness. Thanks to modern-day advances in medicine, the average American’s life expectancy has gone up by nearly 30 years over the last decade....
Breathing and stress | SELF Principle

A simple breathing technique to improve stress

Just take a deep breath- Can diaphragmatic breathing techniques improve attention and mood while decreasing stress? If you have ever taken a yoga or meditation class, you may have noticed the emphasis on the breath. ...
Gratitude and Wellness | SELF Principle

Can gratitude lead to increased happiness and improved well-being?

The bottom line:  Taking time out of your day for gratitude can lead to improvements in mood, sleep, and overall well-being. Most of us are accustomed to saying “thank you” throughout the day, but can...
Mindfulness and sleep | SELF Principle

Mindfulness Meditation may be the key to better Sleep!

Bottom Line: Learning and practicing mindfulness meditation techniques can significantly improve sleep quality and reduce daytime fatigue. Anyone who has experienced a blaring alarm clock after a night of minimal or restless sleep would agree- sleep...
Welcome to SELFPrinciple.org. I am a practicing nephrologist and obesity medicine specialist. I created this blog to provide evidence-based nutrition, health, and wellness research. My goal is to share all the wonderful research out there in a simple, easy to understand, manner. Living a full life should not be complicated. Simply sleep more, move more, love more and eat a plant-based diet. Thanks for visiting!

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