The amazing benefits of running on longevity

Running and longevity | SELF Principle

Running is a popular form of exercise. But how does running impact your longevity? What is the impact of combining running with other forms of exercise? Check out the video above.

Key Findings:

  • Runners have 25-40% lower risk of all-cause death than non-runners
  • Runners have 45-70% lower risk of heart disease death than non-runners
  • Runners have 30-50% lower risk of cancer-related death than non-runners
  • Overall, running can lower risk of death by 27%. But combining it with other physical activities, the risk of death drops to 43%
  • Runners have a 3 year longer life expectancy than non-runners
  • 1 hour of running equates to about 7 hours of extended life


Lee D. et al. Running as a Key Lifestyle Medicine for Longevity. Prog Cardiovasc Dise (2017),


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